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Mitch McConnell holds a Republican majority in the Senate by only four seats. This November, 23 Republican-held seats and 12 Democratic-held seats are on the ballot to determine control of the Senate. Analysts and experts agree that Senate control is in play because of strong candidates, vulnerable Senate Republican incumbents, and Senate Democratic challengers' record-breaking grassroots support. These are some of our top Republican targets in 2020.

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Martha McSally


As unelected Senator Martha McSally’s approval rating continues to drop, experts at The Cook Political Report, Politico, and Sabato’s Crystal Ball have all moved this race into toss-up terrority. From voting again and again to rip health care protections away for Arizonans with pre-existing conditions to supporting the reckless GOP tax scam law that helped pave the way for the GOP’s lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act, Arizonans can’t trust Senator McSally to do what’s right for them. Poll after poll shows that we can flip this seat, but we’re going to need every grassroots Democrat to step up and help Mark Kelly (D) win in November. Pitch in now to help defeat Martha McSally! 

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Cory Gardner


In 2014, Cory Gardner ran for Senate pledging to be an independent voice for Colorado. His record, however, has shown that his top priority has been doing right by Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump — not the people of Colorado. He’s refused to break with the president on issues from health care to foreign interference in our elections, and The Denver Post even rescinded their 2014 endorsement, writing “Gardner has been too busy walking a political tightrope to be a leader.” Polling shows that Gardner is in real trouble, but this is going to be a close race that Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) will need support to win. Pitch in now to help defeat Cory Gardner!

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David Perdue


Senator David Perdue has put the wealthy and big corporations ahead of Georgia. He bought stock in a medical supply company, but downplayed the impacts the coronavirus would have on the country. He’s voted repeatedly to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions and he supported the corporate tax giveaway that benefited his big donors. This race has become one of the most watched states in the fight to flip the Senate in 2020, and Jon Ossoff (D) needs  your help to win. Pitch in now to help defeat David Perdue!

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Kelly Loeffler


Within weeks of her appointment to the U.S. Senate, unelected “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler and her husband began making major stock transactions as the coronavirus hit — even investing in a company that makes PPE. Senator Loeffler hasn’t fully explained details surrounding those questionably timed transactions, and she was facing a minefield of ethical issues even before that scandal. She’s trying to save her political career by pledging allegiance to Trump and McConnell at Georgia’s expense. Pitch in now to elect Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) and defeat Kelly Loeffler!

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Joni Ernst


Senator Joni Ernst promised to make “Washington squeal” but has spent her political career doing the bidding of the party bosses and special interests. She’s voted to take away protections for pre-existing conditions coverage and said Congress should negotiate cuts to Social Security “behind closed doors.” Senator Ernst has even been accused of illegally coordinating with a dark money group her top aides set up on her behalf.  Republicans are worried about Ernst’s chances of winning in November — that’s why super PACs tied to Mitch McConnell have reserved over $15 million in ads in Iowa.  Theresa Greenfield (D) needs you in this fight with her. Pitch in now to help defeat Joni Ernst!

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Mitch McConnell


After spending decades in Washington, Senator Mitch McConnell has become its most self-serving swamp creature. He’s been relentless in his fight to overturn the Affordable Care Act and end protections for pre-existing conditions — and he’s never thought twice about targeting cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security that older Americans rely on. He’s in the back pocket of big corporations and wealthy special interests that grease Washington, and when he jammed the reckless GOP tax scam law through, he made sure they got a generous handout at the expense of working families. Senator McConnell has lost touch with Kentucky and his record has made him one of the most unpopular senators — but he’s built up a massive $15 million warchest and he has the firm support from President Trump thanks to his efforts to confirm the White House’s right-wing judicial nominees. In 2020, it’s time to ditch Mitch and put a stop to his unprecedented gridlock and grip on the Senate. Amy McGrath (D) is giving McConnell his toughest fight for re-election yet. Pitch in now to help defeat Mitch McConnell!

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Susan Collins


After more than 20 years in Washington, Senator Susan Collins changed and now looks out for special interests instead of Maine. She was instrumental in passing the GOP’s corporate tax giveaway, confirmed more than 100 Trump-appointed judges, and has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. With her approval rating the lowest it’s ever been, Senator Collins is facing her toughest election yet. But if we’re going to elect Sara Gideon (D) and flip this seat, we need our grassroots community with us in this fight. Pitch in now to help defeat Susan Collins!

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Jim Risch


While hard-working families struggle to make ends meet, Senator Risch is busy giving handouts to large special interest groups In 2017, Risch failed to protect Idahoan families when he voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Risch would rather put Idaho’s public lands up for sale than protect clean air, clean water, and the environment. By putting mega-corporations and Big Agriculture first, Risch has left Idaho’s local farmers behind. Idaho deserves a Senator who will work for them, not the largest corporations or wealthiest few. Pitch in now to defeat Jim Risch!

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Steve Daines


Senator Steve Daines is a vulnerable senator running for re-election in a race that nonpartisan analysts shifted in Democrats’ favor as soon as Governor Steve Bullock (D) jumped in to challenge him. Senator Daines has a record of voting to take away health care protections for Montanans with pre-existing conditions, voting for the GOP’s reckless tax scam law giving a massive handout to the wealthiest few and largest special interest corporations, and he was caught misleading his constituents on coronavirus relief he voted against. Pitch in now to defeat Steve Daines!

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Bill Cassidy


Senator Bill Cassidy has failed hard-working Louisiana families. In 2017, Cassidy co-authored a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Rather than provide critical relief to Louisiana families as they face COVID-19, Cassidy continues to vote in lockstep with his GOP leaders. Louisianans deserve a voice in the Senate that will put their needs above party politics. Pitch in now to defeat Bill Cassidy!

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Cindy Hyde-Smith


Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith has failed Mississippi time and time again. One of Mitch McConnell’s top lackeys, Hyde-Smith’s priority is to destroy the Affordable Care Act, and she’ll do anything to help the largest special interest corporations on the backs of hard working Americans. Hyde-Smith has endorsed voter suppression and openly joked that she’d be “front row” at a “public hanging.” In Mississippi’s 2018 special election, Mike Espy (D) came within a single digit of defeating Hyde-Smith. With your support in 2020, Mike can flip this seat. Pitch in now to help defeat Cindy Hyde-Smith!

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Thom Tillis

North Carolina

Senator Thom Tillis has been underwater among North Carolinians of all political stripes ever since he “caved like a $4 suitcase” and voted to sell out North Carolina’s military families by voting for Trump’s sham emergency declaration, after penning a now-infamous op-ed declaring that he would vote against it. Senator Tillis has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take away protections for North Carolinians with pre-existing conditions — a vote he called “courageous” — and now, Mitch McConnell is planning to pour millions into North Carolina’s airwaves to try and save Tillis’ struggling campaign. Experts and analysts have all agreed that North Carolina is the race that the Senate majority will hinge on, and Cal Cunningham (D) will need your support to win. Pitch in now to defeat Thom Tillis!

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Lindsey Graham

South Carolina

Senator Lindsey Graham has said he “will not give up” on tearing down the Affordable Care Act, including using his party’s toxic tax giveaway to trigger their reckless lawsuit that would put protections for over two million South Carolinians with pre-existing conditions at risk. As a faithful lackey to Trump, Senator Graham put partisan political games above his state by voting for Trump’s sham emergency declaration, costing South Carolina’s military families $11 million in critical military construction project funding. Experts agree that Senator Graham is facing his toughest challenge yet against Jaime Harrison (D), but he won’t win without grassroots support. Pitch in now to defeat Lindsey Graham!

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John Cornyn


Senator John Cornyn has voted in lockstep with Mitch McConnell and faithfully whipped votes for some of his most dangerous policies. Cornyn’s been billed as “Obamacare repeal’s top salesman” after he led the fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And if he gets his way, health care protections for nearly 12 million Texans with pre-existing conditions would be at risk. In 2017, Cornyn helped lead the effort to pass the GOP tax scam law, giving a massive handout to the largest special interest corporations at the expense of hardworking Texans. You can help MJ Hegar (D) win this race! Pitch in now to defeat John Cornyn!

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